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Today’s Topic: “Someone I look up to and why.”

Today was an innaguarul start of my 15 Minute Coffee Chat on Facebook.  And of course, I invited my work bestie (and in real life bestie) Anna Larson of NomadAbout. 

She’s a copywriter and social media strategist extraordinaire. And totally jumped on board to be apart of this.  So much so, this will now be OUR 15 Minute Coffee Chat. SCORE!

If you joined us on our first Facebook LIve, we’ve come a long way. 

First facebook live with Anna Larson



Streamyard. We used this to broadcast our Facebook Live today.  And it’s definetly a great way to go “extra” to really level up when interviewing or streaming. 



Anna Personally home school mom.  Not having them at home. Difficult to be getting out for walks, not being able to attend the things we are part of.  Immediate family only seems like a lot.


Ask me one question.

Anna asked me what’s one tip I would give to others right now about where I am at.

I have been struggling with how the world is now. But I’ve brushed off my anxiety and tip is that the world is virtual.  Don’t be scared, go LIVE on facebook, instagram or LinkedIn.  Share what you do, why you do it.  Engage with your people virtually! 



I told you we were extra!  Special thank you to our friend Nicole who blessed us with these great coffee cups to sip out of this past Christmas.  (Did you see my wordplay there?)

We shamelessly asked others that if you want to sponsor a coffee mug for our next episode (live/show/whatever), slide into our DM on Facebook or Instagram and let’s make it happen!  


Where can I find: Anna Larson

For all your copywriting amazingness, find her here:





Mahalo for joining us today on our 15 minute coffee chat journey with my fellow boss lady and friend Anna Larson!

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