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Meet Selena

Aloha,  I’m Selena. Some call me their Social Media Gal, Website Designer Extradonaire Guru, Genius (their words, not mine).

But I’m also a Military Spouse following my husband with my kid & dog in tow to where ever the Army sends us.  So, let’s just add Rockstar Mom and Ah-mazing Wife to my list of what else I’m called.​

H A U O L I , the name of my small boutique-y business, means Happy in Hawaiian and has a special meaning that became the inspiration for this new journey.  It also represents me in a nutshell. I live, breathe, work for the happy.  Transparency from the minute the door opens is what I’m telling you. You are seeing me. What I will bring to your table. I want your business to succeed and in todays’ time, social media plays a part in that.

I enjoy this crazy game of hashtags and algorithms.  Of helping you optimize the crap out of your online presence so when things point at your brand/product/whatever it’s GAME ON!

Selena Conmackie-Media Strategist
Selena Conmackie-Media Strategist
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