Email Strategy for your Business with Abbi Perets

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15ish Minute Coffee Chat with Anna + Selena

Season: 6       Episode: 52

Today’s Topic: Creating an Email Strategy for your Business with Abbi Perets


Creating an Email Strategy. Your email list will always be one of your best assets as a business owner. Hosts Selena of Hauoli Socially Inspired and Anna of NomadAbout along with guest Abbi Perets, Successful Freelance Mom, chat about creating an email strategy for your business.

Guest & Bio:Abbi Perets Bio graphic for show about email strategy

“We’re spending a lot of time doing things we don’t have to do.”

Abbi’s Bio:

Abbi is a copywriter with 20 years of experience and a mother of 5 children! She is passionate about writing email sequences and sales pages that help clients get their courses, services, and products out to the audience that needs them the most.

Abbi’s approach to success has to do with building connections with audiences to create long-lasting relationships with them and ensure they want to hear more from you. She says being a copywriter is not about writing the perfect copy, it’s about writing copy that sounds like your client and engages their particular audience.

Her clients range from 7-figure entrepreneurs to companies and radio personalities. No matter the client, her email sequences and sales pages allow clients to never have to worry about their email marketing ever again.

Abbi is determined to inspire other women, moms especially, to realize they do not have to choose between a great career and being a great mom, you can have both. Part of her success in both these areas of her life had to do with her being okay with letting go of certain things, like outsourcing dirty dishes and unfolded laundry, so she could focus her time and energy on the things she really wanted to do.

She wants others to learn how to start their own freelance writing businesses and that if they want to, their children cannot have 100% of their time and energy. And that’s okay! It’s about finding out what you want to focus your energy on and then making it happen.


Email in an Hour

Abbi developed her Email in an Hour toolkit for business owners that want to learn how to write all their emails for the month in about an hour. She has training videos, workbooks, and explanations for how to write your emails and get them over with!

email in an hour graphic

Espresso Shot:

Q: One of the things we loved about your topic is that you said your expertise is how to do email marketing and sales without being gross.  Let’s talk about that.  What are a couple of strategies you’d give a business owner for creating an email strategy that is both successful and not “gross?”

Abbi says she only has two major rules for email marketing. First, do not ever lie about anything. Second, do not send an email that your mom would not approve of you sending. Meaning, if your mom saw what you were sending, would she be proud or would she disapprove?

She says following these two rules will already put you ahead of a lot of companies out there!

Beyond that, always address emails to an individual rather than a collective. (Even if you are sending it to 100s of people) because each person is receiving the email individually and you need to speak to them as such.

Lastly, she says you need to love and respect the people you are sending your emails to and provide real value for them in it. People are busy! Reading an email is taking away from the time they could be spending with their family or friends.  So whatever you send better be worth it!

Find our Guest:

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Facebook: @successfulfreelancemom

Instagram: @abbiperets/

LinkedIn: abbiperets/



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