How to Make the Sale and Close the Deal Every Single Time with Amy Walker

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15ish Minute Coffee Chat with Anna + Selena

Season: 6       Episode: 56       Release Date: August 16, 2021

How to Make the Sale and Close the Deal Every Single Time with Amy Walker

Do you show up every single day ready to engage, connect, and sell? Welcome to season six of the 15{ish} MINUTE COFFEE CHAT – where business owners and entrepreneurs share best practices. Sales calls can send a shiver of horror down any entrepreneur or small business owner’s spine!  Join hosts Selena of Hauoli Socially Inspired and Anna of NomadAbout with Amy Walker, Amy Walker Consulting to discuss the psychology and systems that will help you close every deal.

Guest & Bio:

“The reality is, sales is the front door you invite your customers through.”

Amy’s Bio:

Amy is a Client Acquisition Specialist, International Speaker, Executive Business Coach, and Podcast host that has been featured in some pretty amazing places. Those include Fast Company, American Express, Huffington Post, US News and World Report, and CEO World Magazine, to name a few.

Other professional accomplishments for her include being the author of The “I’m Not a Salesperson” Sales Book, and speaking for events like The Geeked Out Marketing Conference, Playtime is Over Women Empowerment Conference, and many more!

Amy and her husband have been married for 20 years and reside in Jackson County Ga. When not busy with her work, she is running around with her 5 boys.

Her philosophy to sales is simple: you want to help potential clients see the value of your service compared to the cost of their problems. Thankfully for us, she loves to help teach others how to do exactly that, with confidence.


The “I’m Not A Salesperson” Sales Book

Few people are naturals when it comes to sales, but you can learn how to conquer and make them your own. Amy put together an ebook with everything you would possibly need to know, and she is even sharing it for free!

Snag your copy here!

Espresso Shot:

Q: 1.  What is the #1 complaint you hear from your clients about sales?

Amy says the #1 complaint she hears from her clients about sales is simply that they wish they didn’t have to do it! She says you should look at it like you are having an awesome party in your business and you want to invite your customers to the fun, too. She says her job as a salesperson is to ensure clients have an amazing experience and are given everything she can possibly offer to make it amazing before they get to decide if they want more of it or not. It’s the first step to changing someone’s life!

2. How do you know if you have a marketing problem or a sales problem?

Amy adds that a lot of clients come to her thinking they have a marketing problem when really they have a sales problem or vice versa. They are not the same and she says the way to remember the difference is marketing is your lead acquisition and nurturing phase while sales is your lead conversion phase. You have to keep them separate and look at how both phases are performing because they are both crucial to being able to make successful sales.

3. What is the mindset you need to have when going into a sales call?

Before going into a sales call, Amy says it is crucial to have a routine that you go through before a sales call to get you into the optimal mindset. We want to believe everyone is excited to talk to us, we bring value, and that we are going to offer solutions they have been waiting for us to offer. Go into it with curiosity, because you don’t want to close every deal and you don’t have to in order to be successful, but you do have to have consistent sales conversations to close the ones you want!

By the way, there is a goal formula that you can use to ensure you are making the amount of money you want to make! Check out her website to find her spreadsheet for free that you can edit as much as you’d like to. Vague intentions will create vague results, so get clear on what you want before you start trying to get it!

Find our Guest:

LinkedIn: Amy Walker

Facebook: @awalkeroffice

Instagram: @amywalkercoach



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