Showing Up and Being Present in Your Business’s Social Media with Janae Quick

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15ish Minute Coffee Chat with Anna + Selena

Season: 6       Episode: 53     

Do you show up every single day ready to engage, connect, and sell?

Welcome to season six of the 15{ish} MINUTE COFFEE CHAT – where business owners and entrepreneurs share best practices.  Social Media is the #1 connector between you and your clients. Hosts Selena of Hauoli Socially Inspired and Anna of NomadAbout along with guest Janae Quick, Solely Massage and Yoga, chat about the challenges that business owners have with being present in social media to grow their businesses.

Guest & Bio:

“As long as you’re participating, you’re going to get somewhere.”

Janae’s Bio:

Janae Quick, LMBT & owner of Solely Massage and Yoga is a practitioner of a variety of massage styles and yoga practices. She understands the benefits of using massage and yoga for preventative health as part of healthy lifestyles and self-care.

Janee first started her practice after 10 years of medical training and licensing experience and seeks to continue expanding her knowledge in the field of health, yoga, and massage therapy. She is also a Professional Licensed Therapist, supporting a clientele that serves a variety of physically demanding roles, to practice preventative care.

All are welcome in her practice and she offers many massage therapies (including the relaxing Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage that feels like ocean waves) which she can customize for client requests.

Her practice is busy and successful now, but it didn’t start out that way. Learning how to work with social media was something Janae knew she had to learn how to do to get the word out about her new business, but it intimidated her.

Though social media is still not really her thing, she was able to get through this by being honest with herself about it, reaching out to those in her network who did know a lot about social media, and learning to let go of her ego by asking for help.

Janae stresses that going to her support group when she needed it saved her hours of time and allowed her to be able to continue moving forward. Showing up to this interview was something she didn’t think she would be ready to do, but here she is working through that and doing it!


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Espresso Shot:

Q: We all have to do things for our business social media that we might not normally choose to do.  What strategies do you use when to be present and consistently show up?

One strategy Janae utilizes is knowing when she is most alert and non-judgemental of herself. This is in the mornings for her, so that is when she sets aside her daily time to plan, enjoy the quiet time in the house, and arrange whatever else she needs to set herself up for success.

The other strategy she uses is taking a deep breath and reminding herself she doesn’t have to do everything in that one day. She doesn’t have to plan for six months into the future or change the world, she just has to focus on the tiny steps she is taking today.

Janae celebrates and feels really good about the small daily steps she takes because she knows they are leading her towards the direction she seeks. You don’t have to change the world, but you can!

Find our Guest:

Facebook: @solelymassageandyoga

Instagram: @solely_massageandyoga


LinkedIn: janaequick/

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