When Things Go Wrong in Business with Samantha Beaumont, MSCP

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15ish Minute Coffee Chat with Anna + Selena

Season: 6       Episode: 51



Today’s Topic: When Things Go Wrong in Business with Samantha Beaumont, MSCP

What do you do when things go wrong in your business? We’re all going to hit low points as business owners. Hosts Selena of Hauoli Socially Inspired and Anna of NomadAbout with guest Samantha Beaumont, MSCP, a pre-licensed marriage, and family therapist, chat about how to handle those moments and when self-care becomes important.

Guest & Bio:

Samantha Beaumont's Bio Things Go Wrong in Business

Samantha is a pre-licensed marriage and family therapist that is currently working as a Behavioral Health Specialist for the Honolulu school district. Her own son is what inspires and encourages her to learn more about therapy practices and the importance of self-care in her own life.

Self-care and what that looks like for her depends on the day and what she needs for herself. To determine that, she checks in with herself and figures out what she needs so she can move forward. One way she does this is by marking in a journal how she feels throughout the day and based on how she is feeling, she dictates what she needs for herself at the moment.

Samantha encourages you to ask yourself what you will take away from your experiences and to frequently check in with yourself to determine what you need and how much that can change throughout a single day.


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We teamed up with Samantha to create this fun playlist for when you need to cheer yourself up and feel better. Grab this here.

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Q: When your business isn’t going well, what can you do to maintain good mental health?

Samantha has found that when she is feeling anxious about something, she feels it in her body first. Finding that to be true for most people, she suggests finding a way to relax your own body. Taking deep breaths and releasing them out slowly is a simple and easy thing that you can do to calm down anywhere! Another thing you can do is squeeze your fists and release the pressure to help your body acknowledge your stress and release it.

Once your body is calm and you are connected, she says your mind will be more clear and you can problem solve what you need to do next. If she is having a harder time calming down or seeing what decision should be made, she reaches out to people in her support network to help her talk through things and identify her needs if she is having a hard time.

Having connections and others to reach out can help you move through the emotions you are feeling, but more importantly, can help you feel less alone.

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