Working On The Go with Laura Dvareckas

15 Minute Coffee Chat with Anna Larson & Selena Conmackie

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Today’s Topic: Working On The Go.

My Co-host Anna Larson of NomadAbout and I were so excited to have guest Laura Dvareckas on.  As a Military Spouse & Mom, she totally understands what Working On the Go is.  

Laura Dvareckas’s Bio:

Laura, a former airman, and school teacher used her love of travel to start a travel agency in 2017. She lives near Fort Hood Texas with her spouse and son.

15 Minute Coffee Chat with Laura Dvarkes.


Workbag Essential. 

We talked about one thing we had to have that went with us everywhere when work was involved.

Anna: started us off by sharing her little makeup bag repurposed into a pen bag for her rainbow-colored pens she uses to take notes.  As a copywriter, she says she really gets her best ideas out when pen to paper is involved.

Laura: Came in with her wireless Logitech mouse.  I could relate to when you are on the go and sometimes that trackpad doesn’t cut it for you on your laptop. And then we learned about the USB connector found underneath by the battery.  

Selena:  Oh, Rocketbook, oh Rocketball…never leave my workbag!  Here’s what the description says.

  • No more wasting paper – this 42 page notebook has 7 different page styles for planning, listing, goal setting, note-taking, sketching, and sharing big ideas
  • Blast your handwritten notes to popular cloud services like Google drive, Dropbox, Evernote, box, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, email and more using the free Rocketbook application for iOS and Android


So during our show, we like to ask 3 questions.  We had been working previously with Laura and had talked about incorporating a Game Show to helping with engagement on her social media, so we figured…let’s do it with her. 

  • Because Survivor is a favorite show of Laura’s we decided to put the pressure on her and ask “If she had to kick either Anna or I off the “island” who would it be & why” 

Shocked Laura during our 15 Minute Coffee Chat

Let’s just say Selena is still sipping coffee on the island of 15 Minute Coffee Chat.  Sorry, Anna. 

We went on to ask Jeopardy Style questions (or answer-questions) which led us into talking about business.  One question was 

“Makes Travel Easier”.  Laura talked said, “Hey, if you are a planner, go for it, you got this and don’t need me” And most people could just plan it, but she’s privy to reading up on all the travel things daily, she may see something you don’t realize is available.  And that’s where her value comes in which ties into what Anna & I do.

Sure, anyone can have their in house person post a picture on Instagram or add a random picture on their website because they are capable.  Anna & I come in because we live and breath this world of social media, copywriting & website design.  So we may have some things up our sleeve to help make your social life ‘better’.  

Just like how Laura can for future clients who just want to show up to a banging trip that she helps put together. 



I’m thinking Anna’s “World’s Okayest Mom” cup made by her husband one Mother’s Day was a winner.  While I will say, Laura’s beautiful Polish Pottery mug gifted to her while she was in Germany by her student.  (sigh, so sweet). 

Well, mine…Starbucks Mug Boston style from my neighbor bestie who traveled for a quick trip and brought this back for me. 

We also shamelessly ask that if you want to sponsor a coffee mug for our next episode send us an email, a DM on Instagram or comment on our Facebook Video Live Post.  Let’s make it happen.

Where can I find: Laura Dvareckas

Find Laura here from 15 Coffee Chat

If you need a travel agent buddy in your back pocket, find Laura here




Mahalo for joining us today on our 15-minute coffee chat journey with my fellow boss lady cohost and friend Anna Larson! And much love and aloha to Laura for being a part of today’s show!

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