Kalei Duvauchelle | COVID -19, Adversity + Real Talk

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Today’s Topic: Adversity, COVID-19, + Real Talk

My Co-host Anna Larson of NomadAbout and I were so excited to have a special guest from Oahu, Hawaii for today’s show. I had watched a recent Facebook Live Kalei was doing and she talked about how hard it had been dealing with the recent furlough of her job and her realness about how it was.  She didn’t pitch to us all about “woe is me” but just how it had been for her.  And I knew I wanted to talk about that and immediately shared with Anna who was going to be our next guest.

So without further adieu, here is Kalei. 

Kalei Duvauchelle’s Bio:

I’m so lucky to live Hawaii. I’m a mixed plate of sugar, spice, beef stew, rice, side potato salad and everything nice! Currently navigating the uncharted waters of raising a teenager, “growing up”, and slamming home runs with every curve ball life is throwing at me while rocking my mom bun in my professional and laid back lifestyle.

15 Minute Coffee Chat: Kalei Duvauchelle | Adversity, COVID-19, Furlough & Real Talk


Earphones & Mics. 

In today’s era of virtual meetings, podcasts, and live streams, it’s great to invest in a good microphone so your audio sounds crisp and clear.  When starting out, some have always suggested using your phones earphones with mics which are better than not using them. 

I enjoy my Apple Airpods Pro for now. They are wireless and connect to all my Apple devices for a really easy transition. 


So during our show, we like to ask 3 questions.  One was a silly one but gave us some food for thought.  

  • We know most people are asked what Disney Princess they would be, but what Disney Villian do you relate to most + why?

My TakeAway from that question is that we talked about perspective. And how storytelling changed the way we looked at Maleficient when told differently than what we had grown up knowing her as.

In business, we should always see different perspectives so we can make the best decisions. 

She lovingly spoke of her brother and sister in law who suffered a horrible loss of their child and the strength and resiliency she saw in them when Anna asked what was the first thing she thought of when she said the word Resiliency. 

We also discussed how COVID-19 had affected Kalei’s household and the reality for some right now.  She had been furloughed from her Director of Sales & Marketing position for a multi-million dollar restaurant business as soon as Hawaii announced large gatherings of 10 or less was put into place.  Frustrated, she admitted,  and angry as well as all the feelings.  When she realized she wanted to get above that, she fell back into her other side hustles that when given the time it deserved it proved to be something that would be sustainable. 

My TakeAway:  I so appreciated being able to take a step back when listening to her struggles and how she was feeling was what a lot of us were feeling. Uncertainty.  (And a bit pissed off too, let’s be real)

Sometimes having the hard conversation can help us get above the water.  


Selena Conmackie, Anna Larson & Kalei Duvauchelle doing a Coffee Selfie talking about COVID-19, Furlough & Adversity

Our coffee cups were magical today.  And when I say magical it had a bit of Disney with a pinch of Starbucks.  I have this thing for Starbucks mugs when someone is visiting somewhere or myself.  This mug was picked up at Disneyland, California while on a trip in October of 2019. Great memories as I drink out of that one. 

We also shamelessly ask that if you want to sponsor a coffee mug for our next episode send us an email, a DM on Instagram or comment on our Facebook Video Live Post.  Let’s make it happen.

Where can I find: Kalei Duvauchelle

15 Minute Coffee Chat: Kalei Duvauchelle | Adversity, COVID-19, Furlough & Real Talk

Follow along on Kalei’s journey, find her here:



Mahalo for joining us today on our 15-minute coffee chat journey with my fellow boss lady cohost and friend Anna Larson! And much love and aloha to Kalei for being a part of today’s show!

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