Influencer: Responsibility, Positivity, and Community

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Today’s Topic: Influencer: Responsibility, Positivity and Community

My Co-host Anna Larson of NomadAbout and I were BEYOND to have guest Maria Reed of Moving With The Military on.  She is one of the most amazing humans I’ve met in my time as a military spouse (as well as just of all time.).

We talked with her today about being an Influencer (a word she hates by the way) and what comes with that as well as her fantastic work running her TV Show “Moving With The Military”. She helps to bridge the gap between military & civilians communities with her show that allows her to makeover some part of the home the military family is in. My most favorite was the episode for a Coast Guard Family in Florida. You need to watch it.

15 {ish} Minute Coffee Chat with Maria Reed of Moving With The Military

Maria Reed’s Bio:

Maria Reed has spent the past 17 years as an Army spouse and strong advocate for military families.  She is the creator of the series Moving With The Military, where she honors military families with surprise home makeovers. 

She is also the Co-founder and CEO of Inspire Up Foundation, Co-founder of My Ultimate PCS app and she develops community-building DIY programs across the country. Maria was named the 2019 AFI Army Spouse of the Year.

Toolkit: Social Media Platforms

We had a bunch to say about this week’s toolkit. Social Media Platforms. Personal or Professional, it’s somewhere people hang out nowadays. According to Hootsuite’s graphic below 60% of the world’s population is hanging around the digital world. That seems like a good reason to put your gloves in the ring and connect with your current and potential clients/customers/guests.


So during our show, we like to ask questions.  Anna & I do pre-production strategy sessions and research our guests so we develop very customized type of questions for the 15 Minute Coffee Chat. Because we love to interject fun into our Hosts Game, we wanted to challenge Maria to a home makeover of some of the ugliest rooms we could find.

What I loved is that she jumped in and went to town with suggestions. That’s when you know you’ve found someone who knows what they are doing. That’s how it should be for you when you are seeking someone out for service or how you should be when someone finds you!

Defining Influencer.

When we say “influencer” we are specifically referencing someone on social media that can influence others to motivate them to do, buy, watch, or whatever other goals they have. What I loved about Maria when I said this was that she just wants others to “BE KIND”. Use your influence to make this world a better place. {Hearts emoji}

Amazing Human graphic of Maria Reed


We were stoked that mail came over from Hawaii and our guest from a previous show Lisa Miller of Handwritten Aloha! Check out the cutest mugs that say “Aloha” + “Hi”. (Hi for Hawaii…just saying).

Where can I find: Maria Reed

Don’t miss out on this wonderful human. Go click the image above to start!

Mahalo for joining on our 15-minute coffee chat journey with my fellow boss lady cohost and friend Anna Larson! If you missed last week’s coffee chat, click here

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